Day 1, Post 1

LisaSo we decided someone out there might be interested in the behind-the-scenes of Career 2.0 (if you’re out there, let us know with a comment below 🙂 ). We’ve been at this for over one year already so we’re a little late to the game but you’ve got start somewhere – as so many of our features tell me in the interviews. I’m not sure where to begin but because it’s Saturday and I’m comforting myself with a Leffe Blond, I’ll start with the closest to mind … this week.

The highlight was clearly that lovely woman over at dinneralovestory who mentioned our site as “Inspiration Central” for career change. On Friday afternoon, the traffic took off as if on speed. Silly me, thinking it was because I had written a story about the SBA’s small biz competition and had been at the event tweeting. One can dream right?

Nice idea but someone from marketing needs to rethink that small peat mask dollop that resembles a small turd not to mention the scary grinning woman that will appear in your nightmares tonight.

But I must be doing something right with Twitter because this week, our followers grew by 450. I liked this one tweet from OGRA skincare simply because I’m Irish and I thought, hum, skincare made from peat … sounds interesting … and naively tweeted “is there a story there, if so share it?” and the next thing I’m getting requests to check out death metal tracks on soundcloud and support totally irrelevant crowdfunding campaigns.  I also got a few likes from tweeters with #Jesus in their profile. Must be the Irish connection so I’ll be sure to keep my lapsed Catholic status under wraps.

Every beep of my phone alerting me to a new Follower results in a disdainful snort from my husband. Note to self, be careful what you wish for.

Aptly named Ostrich Pillow

Actually Twitter is leading to all kinds of fun stuff. I came across a brilliant website called The Grommet which sells quirky undiscovered products and helps “Makers” (yeah, that’s a new term for me too) succeed. I was so impressed, I even ordered this crazy napping pillow for my hubby.

Anyway, we’ve come a long way from the little blog we started in March 2014. I still get a thrill when I write the stories, especially the personal ones like this past week’s story on Lisa Crites. I got to meet Lisa in person along with some of the other women whose businesses I mentioned in the SBA story (yeah that one that no one read). Candace Sparks was all teary eyed because her lovely husband had surprised her and flown up from Mississippi with their three sons to see her performance at the pitch competition. I was hedging my bets on CJ Scarlet winning but she surprisingly didn’t make the top three. Her idea is great but maybe it was her story that I found so compelling. Anyway, fun to match the face with the story and make the personal contact.

I’m looking forward to our NY event when I get to meet five of the women we’ve written about. I hope Marlo brings me some cupcakes!



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