Lorene Grassick: A Life in the Hills with Load-Lugging Llamas

llama_Major Spots 2012b
Grassick with Major Spots, grandson and great grandson of Jedidiah and Fred Astaire

If you are lucky enough to go hiking through the Sierra Nevadas one summer and happen upon a woman in her late 70s leading some llamas and some equally lucky tourists, you’ve probably come face to face with Lorene Grassick. The grandmother of reinvention, Grassick is on her fourth career as a pack llama trekker and breeder.

“I had great examples as a child. My mother was an entrepreneurial woman and both my parents worked all their lives. I am just lucky that I was able to turn my passion into a business that allows me to spend my days with the special soul karma of friendly llamas.”

Grassick has always been ahead of the game in terms of life events. Before attending high school, she starting a career in book-keeping for her apricot-orchard owning parents in California. By 16 years, she was married and at 19 she already had two children. For the next ten years, Grassick was an accountant for several businesses until she fell out of a tree picking apples and broke her right arm. (more…)