Emily Stinchcomb: Between the Sheets

head shot - cropBrowsing the bedding aisle of any major department store, you would be forgiven for thinking, like cereals on the supermarket shelf, there are enough options in the world already. But Emily Stinchcomb would disagree. After the birth of her second child, she quit her full-time job to invent a new integrated bedding and sheet system that gave her the comfort and ease of a duvet cover, with the ease of washing just a sheet and not the whole cover.

But more about that in a minute.

Stinchcomb, a native Oregonian, moved to Vail, Colorado, after college to ski.  Of course, she had to earn a living too so she landed a job as a sales and events coordinator with Vail Resorts and Hyatt hotels. She liked her job but never felt that she had a career path that she was uber passionate about. So a decade later, after she had her first child, she went part time and a few years later, when she was pregnant with her second child, her family moved to Boulder and Emily thought that would be a good time to think about doing something new. (more…)

Ann Marie Cassella: From Selling Books to Housing Seniors

ann marie headshot

Sometimes our career paths feel winding and unpredictable, and yet in the end they seem to lead us exactly where we’re supposed to be. Such was the case for Anne Marie Cassella.

With a public relations degree in hand from Utica College in upstate New York, Cassella’s  first job was as PR Director for The Arc, or the Association for Retarded Citizens, as it was known at that time. The job was a good fit and Cassella enjoyed her work, but soon decided to go back to school to earn a second degree in graphic design.

In order to keep her on while she went to school, The Arc offered her a position more compatible with her student hours. “The Arc owned forty residential care homes, and I became a floating manager, going to various facilities to assess their needs and make sure they were being properly run. I had no experience in this area, but they gave me all the training I needed.” (more…)

Danielle Tate: Savior of Brides Drowning in Marriage Red Tape

DanielleTate_0181-XLGetting married? Thinking of changing your name but not sure? Sure but overwhelmed by the name-change process? Unsure on how to get a marriage license? Wondering if your fiancé has ever been secretly married? Just kidding on the last one but online entrepreneur, Danielle Tate, has made almost anything possible with her trio of websites aiming to solve information and paperwork challenges facing soon-to-be newlyweds.

But Tate wasn’t always a wedding-red-tape buster. As a teenager in Bedford, Pennsylvania, she had planned to go into medicine after working summers at a local doctor’s office. She enrolled at McDaniel College in Maryland and studied biology and psychology. The decision to specialize in cardiology came her second year when she received a Howard Hughes grant to spend a summer working in Ohio State University Hospital’s cardiology department.

But a career in the medical field was not meant to be. She just missed the mark in the final interview round at Baylor College of Medical in Texas. “I was pretty disappointed but I refused to move back to small-town Pennsylvania so I took the first job opportunity that came my way, selling Canon copiers and fax machines,” Tate recalls. She did the job for about a year but applied in the meantime for more senior sales positions as well as a place at Johns Hopkins’ nursing program. (more…)