8 thoughts on “Shalini Srivastava: A Second Career Empowering Girls Through Tech

  1. I am inspired by your efforts.Rather than watching from outside, you have decided to make it happen. Will extend all possible help and might join you one day

  2. Shalini, you have guts of steel, and I am so proud to know you and see you making this project be a success. It is lots and lots of hard work definitely, but then the world is a much better place because we have people who think like you.

  3. I thank you all for taking out time to post such positive comments. All your support and motivation will make me take next steps with more confidence. Here I would also like to thank Career 2.0 team for making special efforts to bring Shiksha Alok on a bigger canvas than what I would have done alone.

  4. Your never say die attitude will take you a long way and if you manage to get some girls out in the wilderness on their feet in the process what a great journey that will be!!

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