Kathy Lindert: The Mortgage Banker Who’ll Put You Under Her Spell

KathyLindert-head-shotKathy Lindert wants you to take her to bed. In fact, she has slept with thousands of men and women and swears it’s okay because her husband is good with it.

You see, Lindert is a hypnotist who helps people overcome any number of issues ranging from smoking to fear of flying. She records all her sessions and gives them to her clients on MP3 or CD.

“The last thing you hear, read, see, or do is what your mind works on, and so I want that to be you. I want you go to bed and listen to my voice. So tell your partner, I’m 52 and really cute, and I’m going to teach you a lot of things because I’ve got a lot of experience,” she says with a laugh. “But seriously, it really works because when a person is relaxed, they are able to change.”

New York born and bred, Lindert started her banking career at a young age when, forced to drop out of college for financial reasons, she headed straight to Wall Street to work at Bears Stearns as a sales assistant. It was the eighties and business was booming. A fast learner and serious go-getter, Lindert moved up and over to Merrill Lynch where she became a stock broker after a few years. But the pace was taxing and Lindert didn’t like the job “selling things to people that they didn’t really need” so she switched over to Travelers and began selling mortgages.

She stayed in the industry for several years until finally deciding to open her own financial services company. She had a part-time staff and business was going well until she got pregnant and was ordered by her doctor to shutter the business.

“I had had four previous miscarriages and really wanted to keep this baby. But the stress of running my own business was not going to make this easy. If a fax would come through in the middle of the night, I’d sneak out of bed and start working on the file. I just couldn’t slow the pace, never mind sticking to reasonable working hours, so I had to close shop.”

After five months, happily still pregnant, Lindert went back to work, but this time in a less stressful position as a loan officer for Center Bank. She stayed for many years, taking on new and bigger responsibilities but equally increasing her workload, hours, and stress levels.

“Did you ever see Baby Boom with Diane Keaton, the movie where she’s called ‘The Tiger Lady’? Well, that was me. Nothing was going to stop me. I was always number 1. If I was number 2, it wasn’t good enough.”

But Lindert’s life was about to make a radical U-turn. Following surgery to remove 18 inches of her large intestine as a result of diverticulitis, the then 36-year-old started developing panic attacks, mostly triggered by stress.

“I was feeling overwhelmed but clearly thought I could handle it. But my insides were telling me otherwise. I wasn’t sleeping and strangely I couldn’t drive over bridges without having to pull over. It was becoming disabling.”

As she researched the causes of panic attacks, Lindert discovered they were the result of a fear or phobia overtaking reason and putting the mind into a ‘fight or flight’ situation. Combing through the literature for solutions, she came across a small article in Prevention magazine about how fears and phobias can be helped with hypnosis.

“It was almost as if someone smacked me upside the head, ‘here you go, here’s your answer.’ But as I have always been the one in control, I didn’t want to go for treatment, I wanted to understand how it worked. I needed to know how to handle the stress. If I was stuck on a bridge throwing up, I wanted to know how to talk myself off. I wanted to know how to avoid the panic attack in the first place. So I went for accreditation.”

Lindert remembers it like it was yesterday. “I walked into that Saturday afternoon class wearing a business suit. Everyone else was wearing ripped jeans. The instructor even asked if I was lost. I was highly skeptical, but he showed me a little technique to help with sleeping issues. That night I tried it on my son and even myself and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work. The next week, I was back. ‘I’m in,’ I said. ‘Teach me everything you know.”

That was 11 years ago.KathyLindert-logo

Today, Lindert is an accredited hypnotist with pediatric and pain management training and two offices in Caldwell and Montville, New Jersey. She specializes in neuro-linguistic programming, tapping (also known as the emotional freedom technique), and subliminal messaging to “target the issues and change old ways of thinking to new healthier, more confident ways of acting and reacting.”

Lindert helps her clients quit smoking, lose weight, sleep better and overcome OCD and specific phobias (like driving over bridges, which she is no longer afraid to do).

“If hypnosis was a powerful as people think it is, every bad guy would be using it. We’d all have no money but be happier than pigs in poop. So I don’t just hypnotize people. I show them how to change their language and anchor the changes in their brain so they happen a lot faster. When it’s all done they feel great. Quitting smoking is easy: one and done because it’s gross and you never really wanted to smoke. Losing weight is more challenging because we need to work on the triggers and re-program food as fuel. Sleeping, OCD or fear issues depend on what we are dealing with,” Lindert explains.

Any regrets? “I have never looked back! When I changed over, a light was flipped on. I became so much happier. I love what I do. Do I regret being a mortgage banker? Not on your life. It taught me a lot about life and people and brought me to where I was meant be.”

Interested in learning more about hypnotism and Kathy Lindert’s services? You can visit her site. She will be hosting webinars in the not-to-distant future to share her techniques in more affordable sessions.

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