Rebecca Dallek: Some Advice on Making a Change

Rebecca Dallek

  • When you are focusing more on fixing your “weaknesses” to meet the needs of your job instead of working to your strengths, it  could be time for a change.
  • When you were a child, you were encouraged to be creative. Open up that space, go back and try to remember those gems.
  • Don’t feel bad that you waited so long to change. There is no time like the present.
  • Fear of failure is a self-inflicted hurdle. Stop making arbitrary rules for yourself!
  • Take the time to reflect, think about what you enjoy at work and at home.  Where do things feel easy and follow that trail.
  • Misery can be a great motivator, when you have a soul-crushing job, the balance has to tip
  • Having a hectic work–schedule can make it difficult to reflect. Be realistic and honest with respect to your resources.  At the same time, career change is work and you need to carve out time for it.
  • Be sure to understand your values and priorities and let these guide your decision-making.
  • Try to avoid the “shiny object syndrome” criteria for decision-making. Let’s face it, most of us will not open a B&B in the South of France. Instead look at the appeal of it and apply it to the career choices in front of you.
  • Talk to as many people as possible about your plans for change, get it out there that you are looking to change and turn the plans into a reality.
  • Don’t let inertia stop you, overcome your fears and move forward.
  • You don’t have to jump off the cliff … You are allowed to take baby steps to reduce the risk.
  • You might need to shift to good before you get to great.  As long as you stay on the road to great, you will get there.
  • Be willing to fail and have the grit to stand back up and try again.

Rebecca Dallek is a Career and Leadership Coach based in Washington D.C.

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