Julie Jakopic: Building Her Legacy by Helping Business Leaders Create Their Own

mt-vernon-portait-colorJulie Jakopic wants you to know there are others like you out there. Women who have given up job security and prestige to go out on their own. Women without security nets and a lots of responsibilities but also with aspirations for something more. “Take comfort that you are not alone and go after what you want to be doing. In all my previous positions, I had built something and moved on, this time round I decided to build something for myself.”

Jakopic grew up in an entrepreneurial space where her parents worked for themselves. Her father launched multiple retail stores, and her mother took over the business when he committed suicide, leaving a wife, son, and teenage daughter behind. But Jakopic initially took a different path, working mostly for and in service of others.

With more working experience than most of her peers, the 20-year-old put herself through college at University of Maryland by working days as a retail manager at Bloomingdales and Estee Lauder. Communications and psychology degree in hand, she left retail and headed for something more meaningful in the counselling world. Her first steps were to manage a crisis intervention program for the DC Hotline and built the organization’s child abuse and neglect program. (more…)