…And then it hit me

R&D-2I was walking in my neighborhood one sunny Saturday morning with my 7-year-old daughter when out of nowhere a Hummer driving recklessly hit me head on.  The driver, a local mom, didn’t slow down before impact because she simply wasn’t paying attention.  The police report said my first words were, “What happened to me?” It was August 4, 2012.

I’ve never scared away from a challenge or been fearful that my mind or body would let me down.  Until that day, I’d never really been scared about anything.  It probably stems from being raised in a large family with a big brother who used to torment me with Navy-Seal-type vigor, like being made to tread water with my hands while my feet were raised about the water level. In the past, without much anxiety, I flew planes, zip-lined, repelled, ran marathons, entered ski races, water-skied, passed a UPS driver road test (with parallel parking), built websites, gave presentations and started my own company.  You could say I handle stress pretty well.  That’s because I always believed that things would work out. However, I wasn’t planning on getting hit by the front end of a Hummer. (more…)