Susan Lander: The Lawyer Who Channels the Famous and Infamous

1421227_219711334874164_531552474_o“Steve Jobs was really fascinating,” says Susan Lander of her tête-à-tête with the tech icon detailed in her book, Conversations with History: Inspiration, Reflections and Advice from Celebrities and History-Makers on the Other Side.

“He really blew my mind, crackling with brilliance and innovation,” she says, still in awe of the conversation.  “And Kurt Vonnegut, he was brilliant too, but believe it or not, Notorious B.I.G. was my favorite. I didn’t want to interview him at first, but he pushed for it, and he became one of my favorites. And of course, Betsy Ross came out as gay when I spoke to her, which was the big revelation in that interview.”

Whoa! Betsy Ross? Ben Franklin, Gandhi, Eva Perón, Walt Disney and more. Lander talked to all of them for her book.

You see, Lander is a medium. Kind of like the one you see on TV who solves crimes only Lander found her talent as a medium interviewing famous historical figures. It wasn’t something she sought out, but once the talent was revealed to her, she nurtured it.

Lander started out as a lawyer. She was a good lawyer, a devoted lawyer and, for all intents and purposes, planned to stay a lawyer. Although she describes herself as a sensitive child, she never imagined she’d stray from her career path so dramatically. But now that she has, Lander believes this is what she was truly meant to do. And as is often the case, life pushed her to make the change.

She was happily practicing labor law in Washington, DC.  “And then I got sick,” Lander says. She didn’t just get sick. She got very sick with a mysterious illness that was eventually identified as toxic mold poisoning. But it was too late to salvage her old life. She was 40 years old when she left her apartment and all her belongings behind to move to New York City where her employer had transferred her to a position that was a more manageable job given Lander’s medically necessary scaled-back schedule.

After she got sick, Lander’s boss thought she should take a vacation and suggested an organic spa in Mexico. She went and while there attended a workshop called Intuition and Healing led by a British intuitive Obstetrician Gynecologist named Dr. Christine Page. “When she started the session, Page said, ‘now we are going to go meet our spirit guides,’ and I was like ‘yeah right,’ but then we started and it was like BOOM!”

Lander was led to her spirit guide who said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you, what took you so long?’ As Lander learned that week and describes, some spirits like to stay nearby to our earthly realm and teach and guide those of us still here. So, while we all have spirit guides around us, a skilled medium can use the imagery of things in our every day life, a stairwell, a door, in guided meditations to connect us in the physical world to our spirit guides.

Lander knew she had found her calling. “After the week in Mexico, I just knew.” She took to it immediately and in a sense she felt that her childhood sensitivity had transitioned into an opening up of her abilities to connect with other dimensions. With plenty of time on her hands after she had to leave her job, she started writing.

10401516_316597351852228_5482288101681710231_nShe was drowning in material from her newly uncovered skill but also anxious to capture on paper everything she was learning. Lander’s spirit guides helped her control the celebrities that were clamoring for interviews.

How did that work? Lander “booked appointments” with them to conduct interviews. Some celebrities were respectful of the process while others were not. “Eva Perón and Walt Disney? They kept trying to butt in on other interviews. And Notorious B.I.G.? “He literally followed me around until I agreed to interview him. At one point, I just said, you win. I’ll interview you.”

unnamed (1)Lander calls her book channeled material for the mass market. It’s entertaining, to say the least, filled with tidbits like Steve Jobs wants to come back as a woman and continue his technological innovation to see if he’ll get just as far. He also jokes that maybe he’ll look into inventing a computer that can communicate through the different dimensions. “The whole book was that way,” says Lander. “It was just magical.”

As for the naysayers? Lander doesn’t mind. “It’s their prerogative and I don’t really care. But most people are usually respectful. I lead with my lawyer personality so I can explain these far-out concepts in a really linear way. It makes it more understandable for most people.”

Once the book was done, Lander went and did what any good medium would do. She manifested a book deal. “I envisioned myself winning a publishing contest I saw. And I envisioned the title on the cover and the print copy, and it came true.”

Lander has a second book in the works because, well, the celebrities are still clamoring to be heard.  And Lander believes this is her role, her job, to teach people on earth that there’s more than what we see.

“There’s more to the life of a soul than being on earth for the short time we’re here. And that’s my job, my calling, to prove the existence of it.”

Tips For Those Who Want to Get Published:
  • Originality is the Key to your Success: According to many of the spirits in the book, what makes you unique and special will also make you powerful and successful. So write about what you know and what you care about, and don’t pay attention to societal norms. The key to your success lies in being you.
  • You Don’t Have to Be in Perfect Health to Achieve your Dreams: Fame is about the spirit and not the body…it doesn’t matter what kind of body you have. You came here to Earth to make your mark on the world just as you are.
  • Be Brave and Take Action Now: What I learned from these spirits made me brave. They inspired me to take action, to write Conversations with History, and to enter it into a Hay House contest. And I won a book contract! The rest, as they say, is history. So be brave. Is there something you want to do? Do it now!

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