Stop Trying to “GET READY!”

Every day I talk with someone who is so excited about a new idea or opportunity but not planning to pursue anything until they “GET READY!”

Please tell me you are NOT waiting to Get Ready!! That’s impossible. Waiting will NEVER make you ready, not even when you are at your best. I might think I am not ready to go to work without shoes or my car is not ready to run without gas, but that hardly means I can’t work or can’t get someplace via another means.

shutterstock_77434762You can spend way too much time and lose too much ground on the details of what you think you need to have in place to get ready without realizing you already are.

Ready is a mindset. Waiting to get ready is a lot like waiting to get sleepy. You either are or you aren’t.

Sometimes waiting to get ready is just an excuse for why we are not actively pursuing what we are supposed to be completing. Sometimes we make the excuse of not being ready out of fear or out of feelings of inadequacy. Often we use the excuse we have to “get ready” when we are uncomfortable having to make a decision and believe we can put it off for yet another day, week, year.

Here are some signs you are DONE “getting ready.”

  • Do you have an idea and just need to learn how to get it manufactured or market it? You’re ready!
  • Have you always wanted  to write a book, learn how to _____, do more_____? You’re ready too!
  • Do you spend your time wishing you could change your career, do something different or find a better opportunity? You’ve been ready for way too long!
  • Are you stalling the inevitable while telling yourself you are “Getting Ready”? Be done with the excuses, you are as ready as you need to be.

Convincing yourself you are waiting to Get Ready when you are already ready is the white lie you tell yourself when you are unwilling or unable to make a decision to change your life. That’s not getting ready, that’s making excuses. We prepare to be READY, we don’t Wait to Become Ready. Want to know how to STOP TRYING TO GET READY and PREPARE TO BE READY? Stay tuned for Part 2, Creating Your List!

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