Is It Time For A Professional Make-Over When…

kathy6-300x2231Do you really know when it’s time for a professional make-over? It’s not when you notice too much grey, sagging skin or even a washed out appearance. I’m not talking about the kind of make-over that changes your physical appearance.

I’m talking about a professional make-over resulting in an over-haul of your career or professional life.

Too many people stay in stagnant or dead-end careers for so long, they don’t even believe it’s possible to change anything. Let’s look at some of the signs YOU are ready for a professional make-over.

  • You dread Mondays or whatever the day is that begins your work week.

If you look forward to work like you are looking forward to a root canal, maybe you need to begin to make some changes to start having a career you don’t resent showing up for and working at.

  • You could do your job blindfolded and then some.

If there is little challenge or variety on your job, you are allowing yourself to be a pawn in your career. Surely you did not work hard to get to where you are just to remain stagnant filling a void which holds little interest or opportunity for you anymore. Besides, just going through the motions is bad for business: yours or your employers.

  • You no longer have any interest in expanding your knowledge about your field.

When you stop wanting to grow and learn more about your profession so you can be the best at what you are doing, it’s a bit like conceding victory to your opponent. You have made up your mind about where you see yourself headed and it isn’t doing what you’re currently doing.

  • You no longer believe your role is vital or makes a difference.

It really doesn’t matter if other people think you are essential. If you feel your job is meaningless to you or you feel you are not making a productive improvement in the lives of others because of the role you play, it’s time for a change.

  • You see your current position as just a means to an end.

We spend a great deal of time at our jobs. To do a job only for a paycheck seems an incredible waste of our time. If you are going to be giving your time up to do something, at least it should be for something you have some skin in the game for.

Think about a professional make-over using the acronym MADS…what do you need to Multiply, Add, Divide or Subtract from your current situation to feel like things are finally going in the right direction professionally?

time for changeMultiply…What do you need to expand exponentially to create the professional opportunity you enjoy? Do you need to have several different things to do at once to feel invigorated? Are you a person who feels more complete with many irons in the fire and a variety of activities to feel purposeful? Maybe you simply need to find other interests and outlets and expand your reach instead of depending on just one field or expertise to suffice.

Add…Does your current profession make you feel invisible or like you are not a player in the professional arena? If you feel you are performing only sideline tasks, maybe it’s time to add more responsibility. Do you need more meaningful work? Is your current situation not your true passion and do you need to add time to your schedule to work towards your true passion? Is it time to add a class, seminar or event that will help re-define a career you love? Do you need to add a mentor or coach to your life to help you dig out from the professional debris pit? 

Divide…Often our professions become a nest of entangled jobs within our jobs. Are you exhausted from wearing too many hats and need to start thinking about a better system of delegation? Do you crave a time when you felt you could roll up your sleeves and tackle a job and get it done without constantly being distracted, pulled in too many directions and leaving too many projects incomplete?. Learn to let go of the things someone else can do and concentrate on your true talent.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of deciding what you want to accomplish and how you want to do it and then identifying the obstacle that prevents you from feeling the most successful in accomplishing it. If you feel you could perform better if you had more time, you must subtract something that consumes what time you do have. If you are short on resources whether financial or emotional perhaps you need to decide what one thing you could eliminate which could free up some funds or lessen stress. Start eliminating one thing at a time. Sometimes it is a commute. Can you take mass transit but use that time to sleep, read up on a new skill or catch up on another activity? Could you choose to be more flexible with your schedule if you subtracted something else? Is it time to think about letting go of something that is no longer profitable or even holds your interest?

You can keep doing more of the same and getting nowhere or you can decide that it’s time for a serious professional make-2897553733_2421399db8_zover and see how things look a month, 6 months or a year from now. Just like those seriously vintage shoes which are no longer in style or that retro hairdo that is doing nothing for you, unless you tackle changing some things, you will continue to feel like you are in a professional rut.

You might not need the hairdresser or the make-up artist but you might need a career coach, a mentor, a master-mind group or an accountability partner.

How different would your future look with a professional make-over?

What part of MADS would help you improve professionally?

 Kathy Brunner is a certified career coach, author, speaker and branding specialist. She loves to help people take their passion and make it happen. Sign up for her free newsletter and free 1/2 hour consultation at

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