In the beginning (my beginning, that is)

ElainePirozzi3Although Career 2.0 celebrated our one-year anniversary back in April (check out our anniversary retrospective if you missed it), I didn’t come on board until nearly 6 months later. In fact, the webpage was completely unknown to me this time a year ago, and I only barely knew Lisa and Amanda, our two co-founders.

That changed when I went to a dinner party on a truly lovely early summer evening in 2014. It was, I’m happy to say, everything you hope a dinner party will be – good food, interesting guests, and plenty of red wine (sorry, white wine drinkers, I just don’t get ya). I don’t recall that Lisa and I even spoke much during the evening, until I was getting ready to leave and happened to mention to another guest – who mentioned to Lisa – that I did some writing. As I was on my way out the door Lisa suggested we get coffee sometime. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Alice and me in front of Kramer Books, Dupont Circle, DC
Alice and I in front of Kramer Books, Dupont Circle, DC

So it was a chance meeting that led me to Career 2.0. It’s always fascinated me how chance events can end up playing an outsized role in our lives. We agonize over the really big decisions, but I think it might be the little choices, the ones that barely even register as decisions, that have the biggest impact. I nearly didn’t go out the night I met my husband. Had I not gone out that night (it was a Monday night – who goes out on a Monday night?) it’s unlikely we ever would have met. And had we not? Every single thing about my life would be different right now. Every. Single. Thing.

But back to C2.0. I got a real treat this past week when I had the privilege of meeting Alice Shepherd, the subject of one of my earliest profiles. Alice’s story was one of the first that I wrote, and, I must confess, it remains one of my favorites to this day. I know, I feel like a bad parent admitting she has a favorite child, which of course is something we can barely even let ourselves think about much less say out loud, but there it is. Anyway, it’s fairly rare that I get to meet the women that I interview, and it was certainly unexpected in the case of Alice as she lives in Tennessee and we’re in the District of Columbia. But when she told me she would be visiting DC I jumped at the chance to meet her for lunch. And the funny thing was that it felt, in many ways, like seeing an old friend. And that, in a nutshell, is what I love about working on C2.0 – the chance to connect with so many amazing women. The chance to both hear a great story and get to tell that story. What could be better than that?


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