The Story Behind the Stories

We hope that by now you know what Career 2.0 is – a great place to go for inspiration and advice if you’re considering a career transformation – but now we’d love to tell you a little about who we are and why we do what we do. Through alternating blog posts (which will be posted on a strict schedule of whenever), we’ll share a little about what inspires us, what keeps us going, and how it all comes together. And even more importantly, we hope that you’ll feel free to comment on our posts so that we can learn a little more about you as well. So pour a glass of wine, relax, and check out The Story Behind the Stories.

From Wonder Woman gloves to PMS treats … the fun never stops

LisaI decided to write a few thoughts as so much fun stuff has come on my radar in the last few days. Unfortunately I’m writing this at the last minute as the week has somehow gotten away from me. I wonder if any woman out there can invent a machine that zaps you every time you get off task. Not too painful, but rather a gentle reminder to focus…focus…focus. I was thinking to buy a pair of these Wonder Woman G-Loves workout gloves to use when I’m writing (seriously) but I thought the Swarovski crystals might prove more distracting than helpful. (more…)

Going back to school — and then back to life — trying to keep the inspiration flowing

rsz_amandaI was reminded this week why this website is so great … and so necessary. But I have to backtrack a month to take you there …

Exactly one month ago I returned from my 25th college reunion. Going back to my alma mater is always something I look forward to. As an alumna of an all-women’s college, there’s a different feel to a reunion, I suspect, than going back to a co-ed school. And this particular reunion was extra special for a few reasons. First, I shared it with my 10-year-old daughter. From the minute she hit the campus she ate up the vibe, and it reminded me of the first time I spent a weekend at Smith and decided that this was where I was going to go to college.  There’s something about the energy of being in an all women’s environment and she got it. (more…)

Surprising myself, feminist undies, and keeping those disgruntled exes in check

LisaI’m sitting in a co-working space in NYC as I write this, waiting for our event this evening. The bustle of Chinatown outside the window is a nice distraction from my usual office at home. The beeping taxis and drills off in the distance are almost calming compared to my Jack Russell, Charlie, who regularly howls until he is reminded that I am home too and he’s not alone. Charlie – and feeling isolated in my home office – is also a reason why I started working out of a new co-working space two days per week in DC, that and the fact that I love being around like-minded women starting or growing their businesses (Hera Hub caters mostly to women). It doesn’t hurt either that I’m very fond of the owner, Julia Westfall who we profiled this week. She’s like the mother hen (please don’t take that the wrong way Julia), caring for her chicks, encouraging them along, supporting them. (more…)

In the beginning (my beginning, that is)

ElainePirozzi3Although Career 2.0 celebrated our one-year anniversary back in April (check out our anniversary retrospective if you missed it), I didn’t come on board until nearly 6 months later. In fact, the webpage was completely unknown to me this time a year ago, and I only barely knew Lisa and Amanda, our two co-founders.

That changed when I went to a dinner party on a truly lovely early summer evening in 2014. It was, I’m happy to say, everything you hope a dinner party will be – good food, interesting guests, and plenty of red wine (sorry, white wine drinkers, I just don’t get ya). I don’t recall that Lisa and I even spoke much during the evening, until I was getting ready to leave and happened to mention to another guest – who mentioned to Lisa – that I did some writing. As I was on my way out the door Lisa suggested we get coffee sometime. And the rest, as they say, is history. (more…)

Day 1, Post 1

LisaSo we decided someone out there might be interested in the behind-the-scenes of Career 2.0 (if you’re out there, let us know with a comment below 🙂 ). We’ve been at this for over one year already so we’re a little late to the game but you’ve got start somewhere – as so many of our features tell me in the interviews. I’m not sure where to begin but because it’s Saturday and I’m comforting myself with a Leffe Blond, I’ll start with the closest to mind … this week.

The highlight was clearly that lovely woman over at dinneralovestory who mentioned our site as “Inspiration Central” for career change. On Friday afternoon, the traffic took off as if on speed. Silly me, thinking it was because I had written a story about the SBA’s small biz competition and had been at the event tweeting. One can dream right? (more…)