About Us

We are five women based in Washington DC who write and share diverse stories of other women who have made significant career changes, be it starting over in new professions or launching a business, NGO, or other professional initiative. Our goal is to inspire readers to pursue their passions by showing how others have successfully made the move. It is also our clear intention to support the women whose stories we tell by offering free publicity. Not everyone has a big marketing budget. Women need to build other women up, not tear them down, and Career 2.0 is our means of doing that.

Whether leaning out, leaning in, or simply tipping over, there’s one thing we can all agree on – if by midlife you’re not already in that soul-feeding job you’ve always yearned for, the feeling will gnaw at you over and over until you answer its call. It’s game time – are you going to pick that dream up and wipe off the dust? It’s time to live up to your expectations and no one else’s.

That’s what a midlife crisis is for a lot of women – it’s not the desire for a shiny new convertible or a boy toy (as nice as that sounds) but the very here-and-now realization that the time has come to go after your dreams. Because, let’s face it, many of us race up the career ladder in our twenties and thirties seeking salary and stability and then lots of us get busy raising kids only to wake up in our forties and fifties realizing it was the wrong ladder. But it’s never too late! We hope this blog will serve as inspiration. Lots of women are starting over, launching highly successful second acts and heading into midlife happier than ever. Maybe you have it in you after all!

Lisa O’Donoghue-Lindy is currently based in DC following previous adventures in Finland, Greece, South Africa, Belgium and Ireland. She is Managing Editor of an academic journal, a freelance communications consultant, and childrens’ book-author-in-training. A mother of two girls and two neurotic dogs, Lisa hopes Career 2.0 will entertain and inspire readers.
Amanda Orr is a Washington DC based freelance communications consultant and writer. She has written for PEOPLE magazine, Huffington Post, HelloGiggles, Cruise Critic and others. She is the mom of two kids and has two feet firmly in midlife so is writing, and looking to, this website for guidance to survive the impending crisis.
Elaine Pirozzi considers herself remarkably fortunate to get to listen to and share the stories of so many inspiring women on Career 2.0. In her secret spare time she is an aspiring novelist. She lives in Washington, DC with her husband and two daughters, who also inspire her on a daily basis.
Kate Laguarda knows first hand that it’s never too late to dive into something entirely new. An education policy researcher and mother of four in her regular life, she recently completed Harvard’s wildly popular introductory computer science class (CS50, available for free online via edX.org) and put her new skills to work developing this web site. If you have suggestions or feedback, she would love to hear from you here.
In a previous life, Jennifer Werth co-founded a semiconductor company which was successfully sold off before the dot-com collapse. Now she applies her engineering skills to maintain order while her husband and young daughter work on a continuous stream of improvement projects at their Washington, DC home. She is now fully engaged in “Jennifer 2.0” while trying to squeeze in a little time for tennis.